A Milestone Day!

Today’s a milestone day. Maybe, not so much for everyone, but I like to celebrate the milestones along the journey.  To look at the Big Picture. Today is number 250. That sounds like a nice round number to be happy about, and so today, I’m going to celebrate. I haven’t given it much thought, but I’m going to be happy today.

You see, back in December, a fellow colleague let me in on a secret. She was on a count-down to retirement. I can’t recall the number of shifts she had left but I do know I had less than she did. I roughly did the math and came up with the number 333. I work part-time and don’t tend to call in sick often, so I think I’m pretty close to the actual number of shifts. I hope I erred on the side of counting too many days. I guess I will find out!

I marked off the days in my date book and on my kitchen calendar at home. I didn’t go so far as to put an ‘X’ through each shift worked. But, haha, some of them, I did! I know my friend puts a smiley face or a sad face on each day also. I don’t judge the days yet.

I just take them as they come. I know better than to wish time away. Time I never can get back. Time passed means I’m getting older. Reaching a final destination quicker. But, really, who knows how much time any of us have left?

I don’t even check the Number every shift. I totally forgot to write them in my date book for the month of May. That made for a very pleasant surprise when I did the Count-down!

I know retirement won’t be all a time of leisure. My sister-in-law warns me I still won’t have time to do all the things I wish to do. One of my sisters admitted she was surprised how much time is consumed by running errands. I get that…I know how errands and laundry etc. can take such a big chunk out of a day off.

When I had vacation recently, I was stressed because I wanted to garden but I also didn’t want to neglect my swimming work-out, which is beneficial for my physical and mental health. My hubby is a wise man. He’d never tell me what I should do…Guy simply says, “Rita, do what makes you happy.” Well, both swimming and gardening make me happy, but being able to focus on gardening for hours on end makes me happiest. I chose gardening in the sunshine.

Sometimes, I get discouraged at the household chores that have been neglected and pushed aside “for a rainy day”.  I used to think, “Well, when I retire, this place will be clean. I will be caught up.”

Well, after having a week of vacation and taking a glance around my home, I know better. My house will get more likely get cleaned “when company’s coming” or on a rainy day.

Because one thing I know for sure. I will follow the advice of the one who knows me best. I’ll do what makes me happy—or, at least, less guilty.

As for work, I plan to keep doing my best, for 250 more shifts. I love my job, and if anything, knowing when things are tough, that it won’t last forever, is empowering. I even joined a committee. Something I’ve never done before. Time to have my say! I want to keep my love and enthusiasm for my career to the end. Not to “check out” my last two years.

And, so today, I’ll celebrate the number being 250, instead of 333. My midnight shift just ended and I’m heading for a sleep. Who knows what I’ll do when I awake?

But, whatever I do, I’ll do it because it makes me happy. This is my style of Retirement Planning!

2 thoughts on “A Milestone Day!

  1. Don’t know much about retirement planning, but I can tell you that what we are doesn’t change easily. We can keep working even after we are retired… even if we work at something else. After spending a lifetime working, it’s part of life. Of course, we can work at something that we like better than what we used to do to earn a living… and as the years go by, we get a little slower… and slowly we learn that this is a whole different appreciation of life… very good at times… and still hard work sometimes…


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