Poppies are fleeting…they’re in their prime for only a brief moment in time.


These photos would’ve been better taken  the day before, and on a calm day…but this was still better than waiting until next year. You can see the age in the petals yet the blooms are only a few days old.


I only have two poppy plants, well, make that merely one lone plant now. My lawn care man was confronted the other day as he fertilized my yard. I inquired if he had previously sprayed one poppy plant because it was dead. He admitted that being a rookie, he was a bit overzealous and mistook it for a thistle plant. He had actually veered off the lawn to seek it out within the forbidden territory of my flower beds!

Yes, he WAS overzealous. But, he had such a charming attitude that I forgave him. I mean, you’d have to see his goofy smile and his crazy bee-keeper hat with a veil…how could I possibly be upset at this young man? Take one look at him and you just couldn’t help chuckling.

He asked me if the plant had at least survived the spraying. I let him know that for a rookie, he certainly had precise aim. Bullseye! The poppy plant had died but everything around it was left untouched. I let it go.


The next day, my sister gifted me with some poppy seeds she’d harvested from her garden last year. She’d just moved nearby from Edmonton, three provinces away. She and her husband had to be ruthless when packing for their big move, when deciding what to keep or sell or give away. Yet, these harvested poppy seeds made the cut!

Lose one poppy plant, gain a couple dozen more! I’ve always dreamed of being like Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz, lying in a field of poppies.


Now, to find space in the garden!


2 thoughts on “Poppies!

  1. Beautiful! Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I remember fondly the California Poppy. I too love poppies but only enjoy them from over the fence in my neighbor’s garden. Perhaps next year.
    Thanks for sharing!

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