Their Shoes #50

Tony bought his shoes at Sports Direct, a discount clothing store in the United Kingdom. What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “It’s boredom. It’s hard not to have something to do or places to go. It’s nice to have somewhere to stay and get clean—shower—and where you don’t have to… Continue reading Their Shoes #50

Their Shoes #49

Elias received his shoes from a friend. His friend found the pair of shoes in a garbage bag left by the roadside. “There’s a hole in the side of them—right here—but that’s fine.” What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “Shelter! I’m staying at a friend’s house. I sleep on the… Continue reading Their Shoes #49

Rock On!

“Wait a second, that wasn’t there a few hours ago…what’s going on?” I was puzzled. I had snapped a few photos along the waterfront in the morning. When an opportunity arose, I returned to the riverfront in the afternoon with a different lens. No matter way for me to kill time than to take photos!… Continue reading Rock On!

Their Shoes #48

John received his shoes from the homeless shelter. “Virginia picked out a real nice pair for me.” What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “I don’t like to complain but my biggest struggle is my health. My diabetes. That’s my biggest problem. I have an enlarged prostate. Anemia. And, the laser… Continue reading Their Shoes #48

Back to School…and Beaten!

Among all of the back-to-school photos posted on Facebook, one photo stood out. It didn’t feature a cute sign listing the little scholar’s future career ambitions and favourite foods. Nope, the photo didn’t depict the latest style of fall fashions, either. It wasn’t of an adorable four-year old embarking on his/her very first day of… Continue reading Back to School…and Beaten!

Thousand Word Thursdays #47

My dog Sophie, still sporting her Canada Day kerchief, traipsing through the end-of-summer garden. She’s been known to steal raspberries, cherry tomatoes and even hot peppers from the fruits of my labour. Okay, truth be told, she merely samples the hot peppers. Then, she carries them through the doggie door and deposits them on a rug for… Continue reading Thousand Word Thursdays #47