About the Author

Hi! I’m Rita Jacques; a nurse who writes from the heart!
I work in Labour and Delivery (L&D), yup, caring for moms in labour. Whatever happens in L&D, stays in L&D, just like for Vegas. I cannot divulge anything if I want to keep my job!
I’ve also done disaster-relief nursing in Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake, in Pakistan after the monsoon floods ravaged the country, plus an obstetrical nursing stint in Honduras. I love nursing, travel and adventure so it all ties together.
For a few years, I traded in my stethoscope for an apron once a week to serve up soup and compassion at a homeless shelter called Street Help in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Seeing the resilience in the homeless gave me strength in my day-to-day struggles. If they can carry on despite worse circumstances, I need to put on my big girl panties and carry on, also!
I’m married to the love of my life, Guy, and have two beautiful daughters, Monique and Giselle. And a bichapoo, Sophie.  I’ve four budgies, all named after the characters in “It’s A Wonderful Life”;  George and Mary and their offspring, Janie and Tommy.
I love to garden, or should I say, I live to garden?  Milkweed grows side-by-side with the flowers to encourage Monarch butterflies. I’ve witnessed the miracle of life starting with a tiny egg on a milkweed pod leading through several stages to become a beautiful butterfly.
I love experiencing new things. At age 19, I backpacked solo through Australia and Southeast Asia. At age 35, I learned to ride a motorcycle. Age 50 meant a trip to Haiti, Pakistan, and New York! How’s that for contrasts?
At age 56, I finished the first draft of my book, My Own Calcutta: A Year of Living Generously. It involves my first year of working at the homeless shelter, which triggered memoirs from my life, including travel to far-off lands.
If you like my blog, you’ll love my future book! Stay posted!