Their Shoes #52

Sandra received her shoes from a friend. Sandra’s been at the shelter for years. Her husband passed away from cancer about one year ago. Life has always been hard for her but the last year was especially rough.

What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis?

“Transportation! I need rides everyday to get my drink, my medication. If I don’t have a ride, I have no medication. I’ve been staying at a friend’s house so I have a place to live right now. I eat most of my meals here at the shelter. And, this clothing—(Sandra was neatly folding three items of clothing to put in her backpack)—I got it all here, too.”

What would you like people to know about living in poverty?

“I’m hungry! That’s what keeps me going. I need to eat so I get up and come here. Also, I really want a shower…right now! Tell people to come here for a shower or go to the Mission or here for food. That’s what I do!”

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