A Slice of Pumpkin Pie!

I’ve never been big on Hallmark Holidays. That’s what I consider Thanksgiving.Probably because our family leads busy lives and the thought of cleaning for company and cooking all day just doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

Don’t get me wrong. We’ve celebrated every year, except last, with turkey and family. Sometimes we’ve even included my husband’s co-workers who were new to Canada. Friends from China and Pakistan. In any case, I love pumpkin pie so it works out in the end. Pumpkin pie and time with family and friends trumps the stress of cooking and cleaning.

Last year, my hubby and I viewed the three day Thanksgiving week-end as an opportunity to renovate our basement. It had flooded one month earlier. Our project was to be intensive: ripping out the remainder of the wet carpeting and padding, then installing laminate flooring.

So, we informed our two daughters and my parents that we wouldn’t be celebrating Thanksgiving with a big meal. Just wine and pumpkin pie would do fine. My daughters were okay with it and my parents, as well. You see, Dad had caught a cold and wasn’t feeling up to festivities.

Our basement project never was completed that week-end. Dad took a turn for the worse and passed away suddenly and peacefully the day after Thanksgiving.

Last week, I found the card I never had the chance to give them…ouch! That struck right to the heart!

The card featured a pilgrim couple. It read:



I’m thankful I have Mom nearby, for all of her love, support and encouragement. I’m thankful for the time I was blessed to have with Dad. I’m thankful for his wisdom. I still feel his love today so I think I’ll give it to her this year.

I’m going through some rough times right now. When I mentioned this to my friend, Sally, she said one line…”this too shall pass”. Those words touched me deeply. You see, that’s exactly what Dad would tell me when I was struggling.

And, the other day, Mom mentioned on the phone, “We pray for you everyday.” Not, “I” pray for you but “we”. Yup, Dad’s presence and love and wisdom lives on and I am thankful for all of it.

This year’s Thanksgiving will be held on Saturday. My daughters are grown and their better half’s families need to accommodated for the holidays, too. Since it’s harvest season, it looked like my son-in-law, who is a farmer, would be in the fields. But, he’s been granted a day off to give thanks with us. The harvest will wait a day.

Likewise, I will push the “rough patch” I’m struggling through far from my mind this week-end. I bought a mix of pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese chips for easy baking and pumpkin spice latte as an additional treat. Celebrating the highlights of the season. Living in the moment.

When we’re done our turkey meal on Saturday, it’ll be time for Mom’s pumpkin pie. I plan to serve a slice of pumpkin pie for Dad. With real whipped cream. We’ll share it between us. Just like he finished our ice cream cones for us long ago.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian friends and family!


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