Their Shoes #37

Carl received his shoes from his cousin, Justin.

“The shoes are a size 10. I’m a size 13. And they’re women’s shoes. But, I’m not complaining.”

What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis?

“Shelter. I’ve been living on the street for three days now. I was staying with my sister but she kicked me out. I have no place to stay. I walk all night long. I might sit for a half-hour at a time. I’m getting pretty tired. I’m trying hard to find a place.”

“I don’t want to go to the Mission. It’s full of drug addicts. I’m trying to avoid that type of situation.”

What would you like people to know about living in poverty?

“Basically, you can be living comfortably one moment and the next moment you could find yourself homeless ‘cuz life works in mysterious ways sometimes. I have a lot of stress, anxiety and depression. I get my meals here at this shelter. I go on the computers here to look for a place to live. I’ve met with a welfare worker. It’s hard to find a place with reasonable costs. But, something will come up. I think I’ll find a place at least by next month.”

“No matter how ashamed or upset you are about your current situation, you need to stay positive. Keep your head up!”

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