To Everything There Is A Season…

Life is busy. Glancing around my home the other day, I noticed a few things out of place.
Two brilliant red hearts still hung from the kitchen ceiling. They were displayed there for Valentine’s Day.


Another Valentine’s Day decoration, a heart-shaped bunch of flowers remains in the foyer.
A Christmas ornament was found hanging on a plant.


It was hidden well by a banana tree leaf, mind you!
Outside on the front porch, the concrete goose sported an Easter basket full of pastel eggs.

My large collection of nutcrackers never made it into their plastic tote marked Christmas Décor.

But, my days off from working midnight shifts as a nurse are full.
My Mom’s garden is coming along nicely.

I swim often.

I write. I do my own style of editing although my book has been on the back burner lately.

Meanwhile, wedding plans were set in place for my daughter with a short engagement.

In a John Lennon song, there’s a quote: ”Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
Well, life is great! While our family made wedding plans, we continued on with life. Spending time with loved ones, taking a break to photograph baby swans, and gardening. Somehow I always find time to garden!

The wedding is next Saturday. The journey has been fun and I look forward to the big day with excitement.

As far as keeping up my home to Martha Stewart standards, I prefer to think I’m ahead of the game. I’ve already started decorating for the holidays.

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