If You’re Married to a Gardener…

It starts innocently enough, the way many soft addictions do. I tell my Mom I’ll pop by the garden centre to buy her mulch. But, while I’m there…my heart quickens and endorphins are boosted as I take in all the plants and seed packages and flowers surrounding me.

I forget all about the mulch until I’m at the check-out. I MUST peruse everything in the garden centre. It’s my first spring visit there and I’m lovin’ it!


Do I NEED anything? Not yet…it’s too early to plant. My daughter gave me an assortment of vegetable seeds for Christmas so I don’t need to buy them either. My garden is stocked full of perennials and right now, the tulips are blooming.

So…do I need anything? Of course not! But, I want it all, hahaha! Alas, I know my space is limited for anything new. However, I cannot resist and come away with two small perennials:


And, also a package of seeds:


How can my life possibly be complete without them?

So, I come home and I dream about my seeds turning into little jack o’lanterns and the perennials spreading and it makes me happy. And, it makes me happy for a really long time. No buyer’s remorse for gardeners!

So, there are a few things you should know if you’re married to a gardener:

1) The home will be cleaned on rainy days. And, ONLY on rainy days.
2) Laundry will be done late at night.
3) Meals will be basic. You are strongly urged to take up barbecuing and expect your partner to pause only long enough to make a simple side dish. Ordering out is also advised.
4) There will be heightened periods of frenzy early in the gardening season when there’s an urgency to plant.
5) The house will be messy but the garden beds will be perfectly weeded.
6) Expect to be often asked, “Do you think the lawn needs to be mowed?’
7) Your gardener will wake up excited if it’s sunny on his/her day off. Not so much on rainy days.
8) You’re lucky in love. Your gardener will never leave you. She/he loves the flower beds and vegetable gardens too much. We wouldn’t want to uproot the plants, now, would we? We’ll stay together for the sake of the plants, teeheehee!
9) There will always be dirt under their nails…even if gloves are worn or nails are dug into a bar of soap prior to gardening. But, it all comes out eventually…by the fall!
10) Feet will be grass-stained. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten and worn crocs to dig up the garden or mow the lawn. Can someone please tell me why crocs have holes in them, anyways?

Your gardener will be a happy partner. You can’t look at a packet of seeds and see happiness without being an optimistic person.

I know I married the right person. In spite of our kitchen table looking like this,


my hubby surprised me the other day by presenting me with seeds he received in the mail. He’d ordered them on-line from Bangkok!

Mandarin seeds because he knows how much I enjoy my citrus plants, monkey face orchids because they’re unique and black roses because I love Halloween.

A gardener can never have too many seeds or too many plants. And, that’s the most important thing to know if you marry a gardener!

Happy planting, everyone!





One thought on “If You’re Married to a Gardener…

  1. We have a heart for beautiful growing things! Love your write-up. So true, I can attest to this. Usually in spring I refresh my garden: replant, divide, clean out, compost, trim etc., it takes me about a month to do. I start early and finish late. My usual chores get abandoned, ha, ha. Watching it all take shape again takes patience but it is all so rewarding. Enjoy and thank you for the follow.


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