Natural Order of Things

Well, summer’s fading a bit and so are the sunflowers. I thought I’d outsmart the squirrels. Last year, they’d dart up the stalks of my sunflowers, snap off the heads and run with them across the street. And, knock over the plants in the process. What I decided to do was lop off the heads of the sunflowers “past their prime.” I put them all in a pile on the sidewalk near my porch. To save the sunflower plants and to save the squirrels the bother of knocking down whole plants.


Well, I learned something yet again.

1)That 10 birds at a time would swoop down on the discarded seeds and feast. Not the squirrels.


There remained only a pile of husked sunflowers a few days later.


2) That while the birds were busy elsewhere, the squirrels would help themselves to the bird feeder.


Glad the animals worked it out among themselves.

And, as for me, well, the sunflowers remain standing tall a little while longer. I’m happy!

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