A Man on a Mission- Part 2

Application for a former bowling alley to be used as a licensed producer of medical marijuana. Application to build townhouses. The stack of hand-outs for the meeting stood over 2” high. I wondered what time city council meetings ended. Judging by the agenda, it looked like matters could go on forever. This was my first-ever… Continue reading A Man on a Mission- Part 2

A Man on a Mission

There’s two types of people in the world. Those who talk about problems. And, those who are prepared to solve them. People in the first group may hold elaborate meetings to discuss solutions to the problems. It’s true that with brain-storming, great solutions can be found. But, people in the second group are prepared to… Continue reading A Man on a Mission

Their Shoes #35

“Michael” asked that his real name not be used. He obtained his shoes from the local detox centre. What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “Clothing! I’ve lost all my good clothes. I only have a few articles which are decent. I lost them over time when I was homeless. When… Continue reading Their Shoes #35