Their Shoes #15

Peter received his winter boots from the shelter. What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “Well, right now, it’s money and a place to live. I live in a triplex. I’ve lived there for years with no problems. There was a fire in one of the other units. My place was… Continue reading Their Shoes #15

Shocking Living Quarters

Ingenious. That was my first thought. I should have been shocked but instead I thought, “Wow. That woman is thinking smart!” A homeless woman was reportedly sleeping in a large dog crate at night. A folding crate that she stored by day on top of two shopping carts containing her worldly belongings. The crate provided… Continue reading Shocking Living Quarters

Their Shoes- #5

  Anthony (or “Big Ant” as he’s fondly called) received his red Jordan shoes from a friend. Big Ant works security at Caesars Windsor and is an operations manager at the homeless shelter. He helps out with cooking to feed 200 people a day, serves clients , distributes hygiene kits, washes dishes and does whatever… Continue reading Their Shoes- #5