“I’ve discovered the key to happiness!” Hands dirty from gardening, with a camera slung over one shoulder, I had dashed into the house to share my discovery with my hubby. Guy, seated at the kitchen table, looked up at me expectantly. “What’s the key to happiness, babe?” “Having a project, and taking photos every day!”… Continue reading Happiness!


Poppies are fleeting…they’re in their prime for only a brief moment in time. These photos would’ve been better taken  the day before, and on a calm day…but this was still better than waiting until next year. You can see the age in the petals yet the blooms are only a few days old. I only… Continue reading Poppies!

Apples and Toothless Smiles

  Tendonitis prevented me from serving at the homeless shelter today. So, let me share a tale from last summer. A  sad-looking, older woman named Valerie sat alone at a table. When I smiled at her, she smiled back instantly and beckoned me to come over. She then asked if I had a bag to… Continue reading Apples and Toothless Smiles

Cab Chases and Kraft Caramels

  What? He didn’t hit me hard enough the first time? He has to try again? The yellow taxicab seemed to chase me the rest of the way home. I was frightened and my left leg hurt. The cab hadn’t hit me hard but it hit me hard enough, believe me! Why wouldn’t the cab… Continue reading Cab Chases and Kraft Caramels

Small Town Blues

Great day at the shelter! Not too busy; lots of time to catch up after two week’s vacation. Cabbage soup and vegetable soup for lunch plus salmon sandwiches. And a bean salad mix with hot peppers and cucumbers added to it. Worked alongside a young offender. Chuckled with him when he told me he probably wouldn’t have been… Continue reading Small Town Blues

Thrills for Three Coupons Each!

“We should’ve checked the height restrictions!!” I convinced Guy it’d be fun to go for a Ferris wheel ride late at night. But, on arriving at the downtown Windsor riverfront, I was swept up by the atmosphere. Two more rides caught my interest. We purchased a big strip of coupons, enough for at least three rides.… Continue reading Thrills for Three Coupons Each!

In the Beginning…

It was the fall of 2013 when I stepped out of my comfort zone as a nurse to volunteer at a homeless shelter called Street Help. Yup, I’ve traded in my stethoscope for an apron once a week since then and I’ve never looked back. Let me tell you how it all began. A typhoon… Continue reading In the Beginning…