Thousand Word Thursdays #211

Today’s photos aren’t outstanding by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s a special sentiment behind my pics. In early spring, my 94-year-old mother asked if I was planting anything new this year. I told Mom I was, indeed. I had started Canary Bird Vine seeds indoors with the hope they would survive the transition outdoors. I knew the planned location—a tiny bit of garden between the sidewalk and the porch— wasn’t the best for lighting but I was going to give it a go, anyways. Well, in late spring, Mom passed away. Saddened, my heart went out of posting on WordPress as Mom was my #1 fan. She’d always call to say she liked my photos or had enjoyed my story. This week, the Canary Bird Vine bloomed for the first time. In November! I almost missed noticing the yellow flowers as Halloween lights and little ghosts and goblins were strung along the porch railing. I thought I must call Mom and tell her. Unfortunately, I quickly remembered I couldn’t do that, so I just looked upwards and told her. To everything, there is a season…

Copyright © 2021 Rita Jacques

6 thoughts on “Thousand Word Thursdays #211

  1. Hi Rita,

     Beautiful surprise! It’s good to hear from you again! I keep you and
    your family in my prayers. Hopefully things are going well!

    Love and peace,

    Janine xo

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