Most Loved Photo of 2020!

Have you ever experienced a feeling of anxiety so intense you felt it in the pit of your stomach? This happened to me the other day when I realized I did something not too bright at all! And feared there may be serious repercussions.

I was about to run an errand for my daughter. This errand would take me for a drive along the waterfront. Even though it was bitterly cold, I hoped to take a few shots of Canadian geese next to the Detroit River.

However, I couldn’t find my camera! I searched high and low. I wasn’t concerned initially as our main level is rather topsy-turvy. We’re in the midst of a painting project in the living room and dining room. I knew I had moved my camera to avoid paint splatter onto it while the ceiling was being painted. But, where did I put it? I tried to recall the last time I took photos.

It had been a balmy 9 degrees the previous Thursday when I walked in the woods with my dog, Sophie and took photos. Hmm, then the next day. Wasn’t it warm, too? Did I take any pics?

The “aha!” moment happened! Thoughts raced through my head. Oh, no! I didn’t! NO! NO! NO!

I had just remembered putting the camera on the deck in the backyard while I filled the birdfeeder. Did I leave it there? Would it ever work again?

It was -4 degrees right now. I thought it had rained on the weekend, but I couldn’t recall for certain. The pit in my stomach intensified as I dashed out the door. Sophie thought this to be a fine game. She ran ahead of me.

My camera was perched on a little deck next to two wooden flower boxes. Absolutely no shelter from the elements.

I picked up my Canon 70D. My heart sunk as I noticed moisture covering the display screen. I called, “Sophie!” and aimed the camera at her. I took two shots. They appeared when I reviewed the photos! I went inside and uploaded them immediately. My camera worked! So far, so good!

That night I had to ask my hubby how to get rid of moisture in the camera. Guy just had to ask how that would’ve happened! I paused, took a deep breath, and confessed I left it outside on Friday. It was now Tuesday. He asked me if it had rained or snowed. I honestly answered, “I don’t think so. Maybe?”

(I looked it up later. This was Saturday’s weather. Lots of rain! Sunday and Monday were clear but colder, down to -5 degrees.)

I must tell you I am blessed with a kind man at my side. He did not shout, “How could you do that?!” He did not even shake his head in disbelief. Nope, he calmly said, “In situations like this, the moisture can corrode the inside of the camera and then it will stop working. It’s best if the camera is put into a bag of rice as soon as possible. If you can get me a freezer bag and tell me where we keep the rice, I’ll help you.”

The camera was to remain in the bag for twenty-four hours. Guy told me not to check it. I couldn’t wait that long. I wiggled the plastic bag until the camera strap wasn’t covering the display screen. I could tell the moisture had cleared up after a few hours!

And that is why the first shot I took with my abandoned-to-the-rain camera is my most-loved shot of the year. When I shouted to Sophie, she abruptly froze. And for a split second, time froze for me. Would my camera work? Had I ruined my biggest pandemic passion? It was a moment equally filled with hope and anxiety.

When the pic uploaded and I saw it looked perfect, it was the best thing I’d ever seen. It wasn’t until later that I gave any attention to the photo I captured of Sophie a minute later.

Look at how silly she looks. I was giddy now. I’d been very silly, too, and it all worked out simply fine. I look forward to capturing more silly Sophie moments!

“To err is human, to forgive is divine.” To be the recipient of kindness after making a mistake is even more divine.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Most Loved Photo of 2020!

  1. I am so glad that the rice worked for you. We’ve used it with our cell phones before and it has worked. Glad to hear that it worked with your camera. Years ago, the Princess and I were loading a row boat with our stuff and as my Mom stepped into the boat, it flipped and the camera went head over heals into the lake. My Mom was sick over it. The Princess started laughing and couldn’t stop laughing. I think she and your husband would get along. I, on the other hand, was in shock for the first 10 minutes! The sense alone on the camera was worth a small fortune, but the Princess, being the Princess, told me later that it wasn’t worth traumatizing my Mom over and she was right. Never thought of using rice. I wonder if it would have helped us at all. So very glad that the rice trick worked for you. I totally understand the “sick to your stomach feeling” when we’ve misplaced or forgotten something. It’s a busy time of year and sometimes our minds are going in a million different directions. Glad things worked out!!! :>)

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    1. Wow! What a story! In hindsight, it was wise not to make your Mom feel worse than she already did. My hubby stumbled climbing aboard a tiny boat in Cuba and I felt that terrible panic then, too. He managed to save the camera but it was a scary moment. And you are indeed right. Lots on our minds at this time of year. Thanks for stopping by!


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