Lover of Clover!

It was the beginning of June. I hadn’t visited my out-of-town daughter and her husband since March because of the pandemic. I pulled into their driveway and paused. I just had to stop and take a picture of something I noticed. I had waited almost three months to visit them. What was another few minutes?

Not only did I also delay seeing my granddaughter for a few minutes, but I did something unusual for me. I laid right down on the driveway asphalt to get the angle I desired for the photo! Maybe because I’m now 60 and worry less of how silly I may appear, or perhaps it’s because I saw beauty and wanted to capture it. Probably a little of both!

When I returned with my hubby a few days later, guess what? He stopped to capture some shots first before visiting, too! Guy took macro shots. We both saw a photo in our mind’s eye, but he saw it closer, haha!

What do you think the subject was? An exotic flower? A unique bird? Nope. Clover. (By the way, some folks hate the wind turbines you can see in the photo. I’m in the ranks of those who find them majestic.)

Clover brings me back to my childhood. Hanging out with a sister or my cousins in my front yard and sucking the sweetness out of a spiky floret of clover. And we’d rub dandelions on our skin to make it yellow, too! We had not a care in the world.

These days, my lawncare man does an outstanding job of eradicating weeds in my yard. But any trace of clover has disappeared, as well. Maybe this is why clover stands out so much for me.

I love the beauty of clover, in any colour. While rollerblading along the Ganatchio Trail last week, I spotted clover.

Yup, I did the same as when I visited my daughter. I laid down in the meadow to take the shot. I was a bit concerned a passerby would think I was injured, seeing me on the ground, legs bent at the knees, with my roller skates in the air. But it didn’t stop me. I just had to capture the moment.

Life’s short and the road can be uncertain. Grab your camera! Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

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