Apple Blossoms!

Blossoms on trees are a part of spring we all love. You may be surprised at how quickly they appear. And, should a severe storm take place–disappear!

In the beginning, new growth on the apple tree’s branches burst forth. The leaves had been damaged from a hard-hitting frost.

IMG_0797Four days later, buds were plentiful.

IMG_1024-1bestThree days later—


On the following day, the first white blossom debuted!


In just five more days, blossoms filled the tree.



In three days’ time, our backyard looked like it snowed.


Our dog, Sophie, looked bewildered. Here is she pre-salon-opening. Don’t kid her about her pandemic hairstyle as she’s sensitive. The pandemic has affected everyone. What Sophie and I know is that the apple blossom time is short. So, stop—


Take time to smell the blossoms—

IMG_4412 copy

And embrace the experience!


There’s no “snow” as soft as apple blossoms. Enjoy!











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