Through a Daughter’s Eyes

Let me tell you about my mother.

If you could peek inside her room in the retirement home, you may see a senior, who looks much younger than her stated 93 years.


You might feel sorry for her as she’s been in isolation for weeks because of the pandemic. She’s only recently been allowed out for walks and exercise. You may see her sitting with a magnifying lamp, with a walker nearby. Mom may be reading a large-print book gripped by arthritic hands.

But this is what I see. A woman with an intense spirit and endless energy. Mom somehow managed a full-time career as a nurse—

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and raised six children, whereas I found it quite challenging to work as a nurse part-time and raise two children.

I see a woman who developed arthritis in her hands by her early twenties, yet she never let that define her. Mom knew she needed to keep her joints active and accomplished that by knitting and crocheting. Mom tried to teach me once, but I never caught on! Mind you, Mom is a leftie and I am not.

I see a woman who woke one day to discover her sight lost in one eye due to macular degeneration. She was blessed to have her sight recovered through injections but is legally blind. You would not know it as Mom reads daily and is still able to crochet using assistive magnifying devices. I see a woman who has dealt with the loss of vision and overcame it.

I see a woman who knows more of what our extended family is doing than I do by staying connected on Facebook and through email and Facetime and phone calls with family.

I see a woman who is worried about the seniors in “those homes that got hit with the virus.” Mom has heard on the news about terrible situations in homes in Quebec. I see a woman who knew she had to be kept isolated for safety and made the best of it. Mom told me, “I like myself. I’m okay just being here alone.” Mom has her reading, Netflix, and the internet at arm’s reach. And is now allowed patio visits with family at a 6-foot distance. Yay!

I see a woman able to walk at a quick pace with a walker. Mom’s seen here with my hubby, Guy.


Mom had a tenacious dedication to doing her exercises post-knee replacement. Nothing will slow down Mom. I see a woman who recently recovered from a fractured wrist on her dominant hand and is regaining strength.


I see a woman who always asks me, “What have you done today?” She makes me feel valued and important. Mom also inquires about my husband, my daughters and their families, and our pets.

I do not see a senior in a retirement home when I visit Mom. I see strength, compassion, determination, and love, so much love!

Thanks for all you did for our family, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!



Thanks to Alexas Fotos from Pixabay for the teddy bear photo.

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