Thousand Word Thursday #167

This is for healthcare workers . . . you are bighearted and courageous! Remember that!

I bought these cyclamen flowers in December 2018. I wanted something small to place inside two mugs to sit near my kitchen sink. A nutcracker mug and a Santa mug. The woman in the Floral Department told me not to buy the small cyclamen plants because “the small ones never bloom twice.” She said they would probably die and that I would be better off buying a larger flower.

Well, I knew the larger flowers wouldn’t fit inside my mugs so I told her I would take a chance anyways.

Guess what? Those same two little flowers have been blooming almost nonstop since I brought them home. When Christmas season ends, they rest inside two cracked Wizard of Oz mugs. My kitchen is full of Wizard of Oz decor so they fit right in.

With the focus these days on supporting the healthcare workers during the pandemic crisis, the mugs and flowers say it all. You are resilient, you are bighearted and you are courageous!

Be safe and stay strong, my friends!

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