Gardening Goals!

Gardeners display a rare optimism. Despite factors beyond their control—such as extreme weather conditions and Japanese beetles to name just two—gardeners continue to plant each year and hope for the best. And, the amazing thing is that plants usually turn out well.

I am no different than the average gardener. At my previous home, the garden had very fertile soil. My sunflowers towered—

and my pumpkins were huge. My daughters were attached to our pumpkins!

I dug up new vegetable gardens at my current home and results were pretty good for the first ten years or so. Not nearly as brag-worthy as before but still decent. However, the little 5’ apple tree I brought with me here has grown so tall that it casts too much shade upon my vegetable plants. I told my 93-year old Mom about this problem. She instantly provided me a solution: “Move it!”

I told her I could not possibly cut down the apple tree although it could use a good pruning. Moms are wise. She then explained, “Don’t move the tree! Move your garden!”

Oh, right, haha! Since then, I’ve been daydreaming about where I will plant my new garden. And, it being fall, I’ve been thinking next year I’m going to grow giant pumpkins. You know, the kind that you need to turn often and need a couple people to carry them. Why? Because it would be exciting to have a huge pumpkin once more like when my daughters were small. Never mind the fact that any pumpkins planted at this home have been embarrassingly small. I am a gardener! Plant a seed of hope and watch it grow!

Yesterday something happened that made me re-think my vision of giant pumpkins. I took my four-year-old granddaughter to a market selling at least one hundred pumpkins.

Out of all of these pumpkins, which one do you think she chose? The smallest one she spied. An itsy-bitsy orange pumpkin that she could carry.

I asked her to pick out one for her baby sister, just seven weeks old. Guess what she chose this time? An acorn squash!

So, I believe I will plant some miniature pumpkins. Maybe some striped versions or white ghost pumpkins or crazy warty pumpkins, but all miniature sized.

Easy for little hands to cart around like prized possessions. I can set that as my goal and be happy. Actually, I would be very happy.

I think I might plant some acorn squash too! Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

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