Smile Cookies!

I stood in line at Tim Horton’s in Chatham. In front of me was a couple in their forties. In front of them, and being served was an older gentleman. He was furious! He repeated his order to the young girl working at the cash register. A mature employee was working alongside her.

The senior turned to the growing lineup of customers, shouting, “What’s wrong with this girl? Why can’t she hear my order? I have $75, 000 hearing aids and I can hear just fine.”

The woman in front of me told him, “She’s doing just fine.” Her husband quickly shushed her, not wanting to agitate the man further.

The young girl’s face turned completely red. She darted off, with tears streaming down both cheeks. The other employee repeated the order back to the man and asked him to review it on the screen.

“I can’t read that small writing! Just give me my order!”

As politely as possible, the woman handed him his order and told him, “Thank you. Have a great day.”

He shouted at another woman before he sat down. Obviously, this man had more than hearing issues.

When my turn came, I ordered six Smile Cookies. They were special this week to benefit local charities. I planned to give one to Mom at her retirement home. The others were for me, my hubby, my daughter, my son-in-law, and my grandchild who was four.

I paused a second. “I don’t want to trouble you but could you please put four cookies in one bag, and the other two cookies each in their own bag?”

I paid for my order and of course, used my Tim’s Rewards card.

Then, I asked the employee to please give one of my cookies to the girl who was working cash a few minutes ago.

“Oh, thank you so much! That will make her day. You know, it’s her first day on the job and she was doing very well.”

I didn’t need my cookie as much as she did. “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours” is a saying I’ve heard before. Besides cookies are meant for sharing. My hubby shared his Smile Cookie with me.

Mother Teresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.” So true, indeed!

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