Addicted to Devices!

Well, being a swimmer for over fifty years, I’ve had the opportunity to see plenty of strange things in change rooms. Something I witnessed last week really takes the cake. I was showering post-swim when across from me, a naked middle-aged woman, with her saggy buttocks facing me, was talking loudly on her cell phone, in the shower stall! I was hoping she wouldn’t accidently snap a photo of me. I felt a little concerned.

But, it made me think how connected we are with technology. You might even say we’re addicted to our devices. We take calls, no matter what, and no matter where we are. But, why was her phone with her in the shower?? It wasn’t like she pulled it out of her pocket!

Then, something happened that made me aware I was just as tied to my devices. My iPad wouldn’t charge. And, I wanted to use it! Actually, it charged a whopping 4% overnight if I held the cord a certain way. I had the cable rigged on a particular angle wrapped around a few coffee mugs, convinced the cable was the issue. However, the same cable charged my phone without difficulty. Something was wrong with my iPad. I didn’t have a clue how this happened.

I took my iPad to a Smartphone clinic that our family has frequented before for phone screen repairs. I liked the owner and trusted him. He dealt the bad news.

“Your port connector is damaged. It’s about a $90 repair. But—there’s an extremely high risk of your screen cracking when I take it apart. And that would cost $220 to replace.” He went on to say that it was a very common problem with iPad Air devices. Especially, the iPad Air 2. Yup, that was mine!

I debated for  two seconds. If I couldn’t charge my iPad, I couldn’t use it. Trying to write a blog post on a phone was much less convenient than using an iPad. Likewise, for sending a long text.

“I want you to risk it! But, be very careful! This is my baby! I love my iPad!”

The owner nodded sympathetically, “I know you do.”

The owner told me he would have to order the part and it would take a few days. There would be no charge if the screen broke and I didn’t want the repair done.

I waited. I missed my iPad. I’m used to sending phone pics to it and editing them on a larger screen. You see, I take a lot of photos! I text on it when I’m at home instead of using my phone. I receive many texts from my family. I missed it more as time went by.

Then, I got the call. I hesitated to answer it. My iPad was fixed! The screen did not break!

I drove to the store and I seriously don’t know which of us—the owner or myself—was happier. He told me when he ordered the part, his Toronto supplier told him that there was no way he could repair it without breaking the screen. The supplier’s technical support guy felt the same. The owner explained how he had enlightened them, “But, the lady insisted I take the risk! I have to do my best!”

He described how he had heated up my iPad, and very carefully pressed down on it.

“If I pressed too hard, it would crack. I could also only go within a millimetre of the edge of the screen or it would crack, too. I was so worried! But it worked! I called the supplier and he couldn’t believe it. He called over his technical support man right away to tell him!”

I told him that yesterday I was wondering if things were going to work out or not. But then I thought, “I must have faith! I trust him!”

I thanked the owner and took his business card. (My card got caught in the rain but you can see the info still.)


I promised Ammar I would tell everyone on social media how happy I was, and to be prepared because his business would double.

Chuckling, he said, “I hope so!”

This little incident made me aware of how connected I am to my iPad. And, thanks to Ammar, I can stay that way! Yay!

3 thoughts on “Addicted to Devices!

  1. oohhhh I hate when people have their cell phone out in locker rooms. I always worry that I will end up being videoed or something and it makes me so uncomfortable. I am glad your iPad got fixed though

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