Cheaper by the Dozen!

“Don’t buy me roses for Valentine’s Day, babe! The prices are so jacked up that it’s just not worth it!”

How many of you have uttered similar words? I said just that to my husband, Guy. I meant it because it’s true. Roses are costly in mid-February. Nonetheless, I was secretly delighted Guy didn’t honour my request. Although, I can see now I put him in a sticky situation. It’s like when a woman asks her husband, “Does my butt look too big in this dress?”

On Valentine’s  Day, I returned home from running errands, to find this huge box on the front porch.


While it was unusual to have flowers delivered to me, I’m pretty sure it happened once before when Guy had ordered them online. I think they arrived a bit different colour than what he ordered then, but I’m happy with whatever colour they happened to be. Flowers bring me happiness!

I opened the box immediately as per the instructions. I usually do as I’m told in life.


What? Four dozen roses??


My heart raced. I broke out in a cold sweat. I just realized I hadn’t even bothered checking to see if the flowers had my name on the box. I love flowers so much I had just claimed them as my own. But, four dozen? Surely, I must’ve opened flowers for a neighbour, by mistake. How was I going to explain this?

I slowly turned the box over and checked the address label. Nope, not my name. It was Guy’s! I still claimed them as mine. I just assumed he had ordered them for me.

I cut the ends off of all 48 flowers and stripped the guard petals off so they looked absolutely perfect.


I was still in shock that there were so many of them. I couldn’t believe I fit them all into one huge vase.

When I experienced a moment of panic because there was no card to me, and recollected they were addressed to Guy, not me, I decided I’d send Guy a text at work to thank him. To be sure he didn’t have a secret admirer. Whew! They were from him. Big sigh of relief!

I set the candy hearts—six flavours of cherry—and two cards for Guy on the table next to the roses. I had bought him a card awhile back, misplaced it, bought a new one, and of course, instantly found the original card. I had to give him both. One time I forgot to give someone dear to me a card, and they weren’t around for the next holiday. Lesson learned…treasure the present, the future is uncertain!

Guy came home from work, kissed me, noticed the flowers, and said, “They’re not red! I ordered red and white for you! Red is for Valentine’s Day!”

I agreed with him but told him the label on the box stated: Red and white roses enclosed. “You did place the order correctly, but I think maybe the florist is colour-blind. This has happened before, I remember. But, I really like this shade. Very unique, like a mauve. You can get red roses any day, but how many people get mauve on Valentine’s Day? They’re even more special! I can’t believe you got me so many? What did I do to deserve them? Or, what did you do?”

Guy just laughed and told me they were cheaper by the dozen. I kind of liked that answer. He always makes me laugh. I know he loves me and flowers weren’t necessary to prove his love. He just loves to see me happy, is all!

My daughter visited the next day. She noticed the flowers right away. They were rather hard to miss, after all. “But, Mom, they’re not red! Well, wait, I’m sure that must be a shade of red or pink. I like them! But, why are there two cards for Dad?”

I teased her, “Oh, one’s from me. I think the other one is from Dad’s secret admirer. I think she sent him the roses, too. The roses were addressed to Dad, after all. I just claimed them as mine. Finder’s keepers, haha!”

And, that is how not expecting anything turned out so beautifully for me. Hope you were spoiled as well!


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