Winter…Brrr! Grrr?

Winter. Not my favourite season. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s sloppy. You can’t wear shorts although I saw my mailman doing so in a blizzard the other day! You have to ditch sandals and flip-flops to wear boots. And you can’t garden or go inline-skating. My passions.
But I’m changing my attitude. I didn’t realize there actually was anything wrong with it as there were so many people in the same boat— or dog sled, haha!—as me. Lots of people complaining about the cold, the snow, the lack of sunshine.
It’s funny . . . I decided to change my less-than-sunny attitude after reading something a friend posted on Facebook. It was meant as a joke but it hit me hard like a perfectly-aimed snowball at recess.
The post read:


And, it was true. Complaining about the snow and winter was stealing my joy and the joy of those around me. It didn’t make the snow go away. So, just like that, I decided to seek the beauty of the season. And have an attitude of gratitude. While I can’t say I’m going to start belting out, “Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!” while scraping the windshield, I’m improving.

I’m grateful for my heated seats and heated steering wheel. I’m grateful for having a remote car starter. I’m grateful I actually like to shovel snow . . . in small doses.


I’m grateful my hubby uses a snowblower for the crazy snowfalls.


Instead of lamenting the loss of sandals, I’m taking delight in wearing cool socks.

smallersocks-3644919_1280 (1).jpg

I bought myself a pair of dressy boots for the first time, not just rugged boots for shovelling snow.


Seeking joy in the winter means seeing a frost on the windowpane and racing to snap a photo before the sun melts it away.


Now, I carry a camera wherever my path leads me. I’ve captured birds paying no mind to the weather—


And, caught my dog take delight in the snow! Well, sort of!


So, try these tips this winter season. Capture its beauty, in the city—


And, at home. It’s right above you if you look up!


But, if all else fails, make a quick stop at the grocery store. Pick up some tulips, to remind you that spring is right around the corner. Instant springtime!


7 thoughts on “Winter…Brrr! Grrr?

  1. Love this post! For 20 years I lived in Northern Indiana where it began to snow in November every year, and we never saw the ground again until late April. Now I live in Georgia where it rarely snows and then melts quickly. I miss the cold weather and the snow!

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