Easiest New Year Resolution!

For most people, New Year’s resolutions are like this: in one year, and out the other! They last about as long as the house stays decorated for the holidays. Sure, the gym is full at the beginning of January—


—but the crowd thins out throughout the month.

I’m all for keeping it simple. Two words: be kind!

Be kind to yourself and show kindness to others.

For starters, don’t get down on yourself about any holiday weight-gain.

fat-1517449_1920 (1)

You were blessed to have shared food and good times with friends and family. It will come off in due time. No need to make self-deprecating remarks about your weight, your fat legs, and your tight clothing. That guy in the wheelchair would give anything to have legs that worked. That 300-pound woman would think she won a lottery to be your size. Get over it and be kind to your body. Treat it to a new outfit. I noticed a relative had lost weight recently. He laughed and said, “I just started buying the next size up and everyone thinks I’ve lost weight, ha-ha!”

Being  kind to others is easy once you practice.

That man who just about cut you off in the parking lot. He’s run out of diapers for his newborn and his wife is a wreck, crying and the three of them haven’t slept for days. Be kind—let it go!

The mom in the minivan, with her three kids, that almost hit you in the parking lot…


She’s pretty distracted . . . one of her kids is autistic, she’s working two jobs to make ends meet. Is it any wonder she didn’t see you at all? Be kind.

The grocery store cashier who always has a sharp tongue and is terse…


Her husband’s an alcoholic and lost his job. And,  her mom has cancer. She hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in ages. Be kind.

It takes far more energy to be angry and miserable. And, it just robs you of life’s joy. Everyone knows you can’t change people. But, being kind to them brings out the best in them. Soooo…be kind!

Happy New Year’s to all my friends!

Make 2019 one of a “kind”!

new-year-3357190_1920 (1)


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