Creating Happiness…for Others

The other day was a rotten day. A no-good, negative, lousy day.  A day where situations came at me with no warning and knocked the wind right out of my sails. Try as I might, it took most of the day before my “ship” was once more afloat and not taking on more water.

So, the next day I decided to make amends for that waste of a day. Balance things.

When I popped by the grocery store in the morning armed only with a shopping list in my head, I figured it was the perfect day to search for a flower/succulent to fit into my two Christmas mugs. The nutcracker and Santa mugs were too pretty to be tucked away in the cupboard.

I saw some miniature cyclamens that looked just right. I asked the florist if they were $5. A nearby sign stated “$5” but it didn’t specify for which plant.

“Oh, no, that’s $5 for the frosty fern—”


“—The cyclamens are $3.99 each but don’t buy them. Look at all those that have turned yellow . . .  you can revive them with water a couple of times but then they die fast.”

I told her they looked to be the ideal size for my mugs. She yanked a frosty fern completely out of its pot and showed me how I could simply fit the plant, roots and soil inside a mug. I knew that wouldn’t work. No way was I drilling a hole in my mugs for drainage. Not happening. I said, “I’ll take my chances on the cyclamens, anyways.” I bought both a red one and a white one. I felt happy!

Later, some tension developed between a loved one and me. I stepped away from the situation to return to a different—cheaper—grocery store to pick up the items I’d forgotten using my mental shopping list.

Approaching the store, I noticed Christmas wreaths and greenery arrangements beckoning to me. Since it was now December, it was definitely time to buy something festive for the front porch. The frosted pumpkin days were over! I took about five minutes to peruse the assorted arrangements. I didn’t want oversized bows or giant gold pine cones. But, neither did I desire an understated display. You could call me Gardening Goldilocks. As soon as I placed my selection in my buggy, a passer-by commented, “That’s a real nice one!” I told him, “Thanks! I think so, too!”


During my brief second shopping trip, two other strangers commented on how it was such a nice arrangement. Of course, I agreed with them. I was happy. My stress floated away.

Reaching the “1-12 Item” check-out, I was lured once more to flowers. Tulips!! In December! I was very tempted . . . if this kept up, I would have a houseful of plants. There was no price listed for the tulips.  However, a “$5” sign was listed for small white daisy and red carnation arrangements. I knew they would last a week and would perk me up. They looked rather small—so I put two bouquets in my buggy. If they would keep me happy, they were priceless.


Walking to my car, I had a “eureka!” moment. An idea to create more happiness. Once home, I said to my daughter, “Check out this Christmas planter I bought for the front porch!” She’s a gardener, as well and appreciated my selection. I felt happy. I continued, “Look at these bouquets! I bought you one!”

“You did? Ahhh, thanks! I was at the grocery store today and was going to buy you tulips. But I thought they were $5, and they ended up being up priced much higher. I thought you’d like tulips.”

I felt happy and now I felt peace. There’s true joy in creating happiness for others.

I brought up four vases from the basement to try to find the proper fit for the bouquet. Something tall, but not too wide for my little bouquet. Gardening Goldilocks got it right once more.

I settled on the vase with two doves on it. The symbol of peace. Perfect!


Have a happy and peaceful day, my friends!


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