Oh, Mr. Bones!

Halloween’s my favourite holiday. No turkey to cook. No presents to exchange. Just eat candy and have fun dressing up!

This year, I’ve been working through some struggles and wasn’t in the mood to decorate the house and yard. I did it anyway. Can’t let life’s battles steal my joy of Halloween. No way!

I went a step further to boost my spirits. Have you heard of Elf on the Shelf? Well, I do things differently…I have a life-size skeleton that I’ve been posing around the house each day. Nothing like a smiling skeleton to cheer you up!

The first pose was at my hubby’s place at the kitchen table. Mr. Bones made himself comfortable and was checking out the picture of me in the wallet, and had the sports car keys in the other hand when my hubby, Guy noticed him. He didn’t bat an eye. Our little dog was concerned, though, and tried to stare down the skeleton for five minutes. Then, she gave up and asked for a milky bone.


Mr. Bones has been discovered bathing. Scrub those bones clean!


He’s doing remarkably well on Guy’s computer!



He helps me by washing the kitchen floor. Smiling all the time!


Mr. Bones likes to barbecue hot dogs.


He watches hunting shows on TV with my daughter’s dog, Lucy.



He earns his keep by mowing the lawn.


He enjoys working on his tan. No sunscreen necessary.



He’s been known to take a shower, not just a bath.


He bakes for stress relief: pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese chips. Both arms fell off and his torso came apart before he co-operated for the photo. That explains the blood-stained apron.


And, at the end of the day, he rests his old bones.


Especially , if he’s been up late partying!


Mr. Bones has brought a smile to my face everyday. I can hardly wait to see what he does next! How about you?



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