Thousand Word Thursdays #105

Heritage Baptist Church, just outside of Leamington, Ontario.

This small, old church always stood out to me and on our way home from camping, I convinced my hubby, Guy to stop so I can snap a pic. But, I thought the hydro boxes on the side of church detracted from the photo. Guy patiently waited while I went around to the other side of the church. I pulled up some flags posted by a utility company, took the photo, and reposted the flags.

Guy was shocked and said to me, “Rita, don’t you know it’s against the law to pull up a flag?”

I calmly answered, “They were in the way. And, I put them back in the same spot.”

Guy had a quick retort for me, “The judge would tell you one thing you could have done differently: Photoshop!”

Which pic you like better?

© Rita Jacques 2018


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