Thanksgiving Thankfulness!

It’s Thanksgiving today in Canada. This year, I’m celebrating in a quiet way…my hubby, Guy, and I are having pumpkin pie with Mom tonight. After many years of frenzied cleaning and cooking for the family, Guy thought it wise to take things slow for once. Life has been a whirlwind lately and it’s time to relax.

My daughters accepted it fine. One of them is working today, and the other one is preparing her first Thanksgiving meal with friends. Perhaps it will be a new tradition…you never know!

Anyways, here’s my Top Ten List for Thanksgiving. What I am thankful for:

#1- Pumpkin pie


Mom’s is the best, hands down. But, I wouldn’t turn down anyone’s, haha!

#2 Whip Cream


Especially, coconut flavour! If you’ve never tried it, buy some now, before the pie is all gone.

#3 Family

pexels-photo-461049 (1)

I’m blessed with the unconditional love of Guy for almost 36 years of marriage, my beautiful daughters and their partners. We’ve been through thick and thin, yet have been always there for each other. Nobody would say it was all sunshine and rainbows but we’re family and we’re solid!

#4 My Granddaughter

pexels-photo-189856 (1).jpg

She brings me joy & a chance to play. How I love to see the world through the eyes of a three-year-old!

#5 The Beauty of Fall

pexels-photo-235767 (1).jpg

While summer is my favourite season, nothing can compare to the beauty of the changing seasons. The red, yellow and orange colours of the leaves are spectacular to behold!

 #6 My Pets


My bichapoo Sophie, four budgies and a 26-year-old turtle. Okay, the turtle doesn’t do too much but the birds sing pretty songs and chirp phrases all day long. And, Sophie has got to be the sweetest little dog ever!

#7 My Garden

pexels-photo-1463815 (1)

My place of peace. Time passes differently there.

#8 My Nursing Career

pexels-photo-266011 (1)

I’m blessed with an opportunity to help Moms and babies on the beginning steps of their journey together.

#9 My optimism

pexels-photo-208165 (1).jpg

Life’s gonna have its twists and turns, might as well stay hopeful…who knows what’s around the next bend. Keep the faith!

#10 My Hobbies

swim-water-diving-underwater-52988 (1).jpg

Rollerblading, swimming, photography, writing- I’m blessed with passions that keep me happy.

That’s a wrap, folks! I’m off to enjoy pumpkin pie with coconut whipped cream now!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!

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