Seek, and You Shall Find!

Recently, I lost an earring. It wasn’t part of an expensive set like gold hoops or diamond studs, nonetheless, they were my everyday favourite, go-to pair. A pair of dream catcher earrings.

I had put them on before going out-of-town that morning. And, I convinced myself I lost them somehow after coming home. I had switched tops and figured the earring got tangled in my long hair. As I couldn’t find it anywhere in the house, I assumed I lost it when I went back to retrieve my camera from the car. Repairs were being done on the road and driveway so our cars were parked a bit down the road.


I walked back and forth from our home to the cars, combing the road.

I raked the lawn like a meticulous, crazed gardener. I raked and raked and raked. I went out after dark and searched with a flashlight, assuming I’d catch the glint of the earring. No such luck!

While out with my daughter, Giselle, we decided to search at a nearby shop for inexpensive earrings. Alas, there were no dream catcher ones. But, I did spy a pair of feather earrings—


And a pair of cross earrings.


I think they set me back $3 each.

Then, Giselle noticed a special pair.

“Mom, check these out! They’re perfect!”

They weren’t dream catcher earrings but they were definitely ‘me’.

A shovel and a …rake!


I tend to want things to match so I feel a little playful wearing mismatched earrings. Like a mime with an asymmetrical face.


But, it’s my way of taking things lightly. It was only an earring, after all.

Last week, I happened to be downtown and popped by a store I visit, perhaps once a year. It has an eclectic assortment of treasures from around the world. I saw four-faced marionettes—


And, zombie dolls from Thailand.



 I saw gas mask earrings!


 I mentioned to the proprietor how I had purchased a pair of dream catcher earrings there…fifteen years ago!

Her reply? “Oh, I know exactly the ones you’re talking about. I’ll get in touch with my friend in Vancouver. She buys them from the natives on the coast. I’ll call you when they arrive.”

Guess I will wear dream catcher earrings once more, after all!


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