Top Ten Camping Tips!

My hubby and I just returned from an early September camping trip. Having camped together for 35 years, here are some tips we gathered through experience.

1)     It will always rain when setting up or packing up for home. Accept it and carry on. It’s beyond your control.

Camping 1

2)     Something will be forgotten. Just to be sure, the next year you will pack ten of that item. Example: insect repellant.

Camping 2.jpg

3)     Pack three times as much food that you normally eat. Camping works up an appetite!

Camping 4.jpg

4)     Bring 50% more clothing than you think necessary. Even if the forecast calls for a hot and sunny day, pack a jacket because it’ll be cool at night.

Camping 5.jpg

5)     Pack toilet paper and plenty of paper towels.

Camping 12.jpg

6)     Pack a well-stocked first aid kit. You will never regret it!

Camping 7.jpg

7)     Bring an extra—charged—camera battery. Plus, an extra memory card.

Camping 13.jpg

8)     Meals cooked over a campfire taste better than those cooked over a Coleman stove.

Camping 9.jpg

9)     There’s nothing stickier than melted marshmallows but s’mores are a hit with kids. And, adults!

Camping 10.jpg

10)  Camping vacations are the best family vacations. Your children will treasure the memories lifelong.

Camping 11.jpg

These tips ring true…when we packed the last item for our latest trip, suddenly a loud blast of thunder shook our car… and a torrential downpour began. My hubby and I turned towards each other and giggled. There was barely any rainfall all summer but when we camp, it always rains. Farmers should pay us to camp! We had to pull over twice before reaching the campground because of poor visibility but we did enjoy several beautiful days of dry camping.

Sometimes, I’ve bailed because of rain. But, it’s not all bad. Back in 1980, my younger sister and I turned back because of rainfall when we were 3/4 of the way to camp. The weather was perfectly fine when we arrived back home. And, that’s when my future husband called to ask for our first date. Sometimes there are rainbows after storms!

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Camping Tips!

  1. Gorgeous photos and very sage advice. The last time I got involved in a camping trip it was my son’s year 7 camp. It rained so hard we were all hustled into buses and ended up sleeping in the school gymnasium. No insect bites, but a few kids did get food poisoning :-/

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  2. Glad you liked the tips but feel bad for the way the camping trip turned out for you! We had such a windstorm during the thunderstorm that a tent flap blew up and our tent took on quite a bit of water and even our sleeping bags got wet for the first time ever. Yet, we survived. The next night we could hardly sleep because the temperature was in the 30’s Celsius, too. But, we still love camping!


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