School’s Out for Summer!

Today’s the last day of grade school for many youngsters in my city. I’m curious…how many of you parents bought the teachers an end-of-the-year gift? Call me crazy but I always did and tried to find them something at Christmas, as well. The least I could do to show them  appreciation for taking care of my two daughters.

Recently, I tried to get in touch with my 31-year-old daughter’s teacher from the fourth grade.  I planned to mention her in my memoirs as one of her favourite teachers. She truly had the patience of a saint. She may have needed it!

I contacted the school board with my request. They were successful in tracking her down for me. The teacher, Miss Curran,  had long since retired and moved to Prince Edward Island.

What shocked me was she not only remembered my daughter, she remembered me, that I was a nurse and how my husband was in engineering and had been quite ill that school year. She told me that every Christmas, when she takes out the Christmas decor, she sees the glass platter with the Christmas tree and a little girl etched on it.


And, she thinks of us. The same with the red and green tea towels that we gave her. She says she still has the notes that came with the gifts.

Miss Curran was thrilled to hear from me and requested updates on both of my daughters. I, in turn, had the wonderful opportunity to thank her for the positive influence she had on the daughter she had taught.  I told her that every Halloween, I remember her when I take out the Halloween decorations and find the hand-sewn witch on a broomstick made with love in such fine detail so long ago.


This was in the year 1996!

So, I hope you found the time to write a note or get a gift for the ones entrusted to your children throughout the school year. I often joked that I should be purchasing the teachers wine so they would forget some of the troubles they encountered, haha!

You never know the impact you have on another person. Inform them to encourage them in their chosen field. The outstanding teachers will never be forgotten. Raise them up high!

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