My Father’s Gift

A tale of my Dad told once more…Dad was the best!

“The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”

While this quote by John Wooden may not apply to many family situations nowadays, it did apply to my own family. To love unconditionally with your whole soul sets a wonderful example to children. For Father’s Day, let me share another tale about my Dad. Warning: tear jerker.

Mom was 88 years old when a decision was made for her to undergo heart valve replacement surgery. Mom never wanted to leave Dad’s side as he was four years older and not the best cook. Sure, he could cook a grilled cheese—seven minutes per side!—and scramble eggs with no issue but Mom knew he relied on her a great deal.

The medical procedure took place two hours away in London. Mom would be gone for close to five days.

A couple of us children stopped by…

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