Lessons & Memories of Dad!

These words written two years ago ring true today…Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


To celebrate Father’s Day, here’s some quotes from my Dad plus some of the best-loved memories from his six kids, thirteen grandchildren and now…six great-grandchildren! I hope I counted correctly. We all know Dad did math in his head.

1) “It will build character!” Usually announced when things didn’t go the way we planned.

2)  “Everything turns out for the best.” Dad was always hopeful.

3)  “There’s plenty of fish in the sea.” It’s true; I found the best fish. Tossed the others back.

4)   “Always finish what you start.”

5)   “Coffee tastes better with a cookie or two.” Dad loved Mom’s baking!

6)   “Camping vacations are the best vacations.” Rondeau, Pinery, or even all the way to Prince Edward Island.

7)  “Always bring a sand-pail to the beach to wash your feet afterwards.” Words of wisdom!

8)   “Ice cream is the best dessert, especially soft…

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