Royalty or Royal Tea?

I tell you, my fellow night shift nurses know how to have fun. They proposed buying lady fingers and scones and drinking tea during the shift the royal wedding would take place. I wouldn’t be surprised if some outrageous hats were also to be worn.
While I had that specific shift off. I remained inspired, nonetheless.

I stopped at a 24-hour grocery store leaving work Friday morning. I had an alternate plan. I picked up cucumbers, thinly sliced soft bread, and whipped cream cheese. As well as chocolate-covered lady fingers.

I planned to have “tea” in the afternoon with my three-year-old granddaughter. My hubby—Pepe— had the day off work as we’d already planned a visit with my daughter and son-in-law who lived an hour’s drive away.

I left a note for Pepe and caught a few hours’ sleep.


Pepe is a wonderful man. He found  the perfect tea set for a royal tea for a three-year old.


I was surprised he didn’t come home with more than that item. He confessed he searched for an aisle with what looked like “little girl toys” and kept his focus.

When we arrived at the “Palace”, the father of the princess retrieved a pitcher of cold water from the fridge to fill the teapot. The princess learned quickly how to pour from a tea pot…and how to overfill the cups, haha!

She was taught the art of drinking with her pinkie finger extended, too. I have a feeling it was her first time experiencing cucumber sandwiches. They were cut into triangles and squares so she could learn shapes. Her two pet dogs were quite curious about the sandwiches as well.



I’m still learning how to be a Meme. The chocolate-covered lady fingers I had chosen melted and were a mess.



But, a chocolate mess is the best kind of finger-licking mess at a royal tea party.

My wedding invitation for Prince Harry’s and Meghan’s big day must’ve went wayward in the mail. But, my play date with a little three-year-old more than made up for it. Even if I had a medium cup of Timmie’s alongside my cup of weak tea (I need a steady level of caffeine in my veins at all times). And, even if the princess wore her tiara with the ends tucked into her ears.

Being a grandparent is the best! My family is royalty to me.


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