Crash, Bang, Boom!

“I’m going to get hit one morning, I just know it.”

While I’m not saying my hubby can foresee the future, he did tell me this would likely happen. Guy mentioned how cars often cut across four lanes of traffic, moving from the Expressway off-ramp to the South Service Road while he was on Lauzon Parkway on his way to work.

I noticed I had missed a call from him. I played back the message.

“Hey, babe, I got in a car accident. It’s not bad…it’s a Monday alright! I’m okay, just wanted you to know.”

My heart sunk…he had just got hit in a parking lot about a month earlier. We hadn’t even done those repairs yet.

When I heard the story, I felt you, too, may pick up on some info in case these circumstances chance to fall on you.

After he was sideswiped, Guy carefully maneuvered his car to stop beside the car that had hit him.

The offending driver said, “It wasn’t my fault. I’m leaving.”

Guy said, “No, you were totally in the wrong. You can’t just leave. You hit me!”

Then, after taking a photo of the car’s license plate, he snapped a photo of the driver.

“Go ahead and leave. I’m calling the police. And, I’ve got a photo of you and of your license plate.”

Guy’s never one to beat around the bush. His phone wasn’t just for taking photos, after all. He called 911 and reported that a driver who hit him was leaving the scene of the accident. Guy was asked if he had the license plate number. Yup, he sure did! Guy was told a police car would be sent if the driver did leave.

The driver reluctantly remained at the scene. He agreed to exchange info with Guy. And, even to pay for the damage to Guy’s car “out of pocket”.

He insisted, “We don’t need to go through our insurance for this.”

Guy took a photo of the driver’s license and insurance information and obtained his phone number.

Nearing the end of the work day, Guy received a phone call from the repentant driver.

“I want to meet you for coffee. We can discuss this, my friend. My cousin can fix up your car.”

“There’s nothing to discuss. I’m going to my dealership. Someplace reputable. I don’t want your cousin working on my car.” Then, he hung up on the man.

Heck, I’d be afraid the other driver would bring intimidating buddies with him to the coffee shop to make me “change my mind”. But, no, Guy wasn’t worried about that. He just wanted his own dealership to do the work.

I wasn’t aware but there’s a longstanding scam going on with certain body shops. A car is brought in for repairs. Before it’s released to the rightful owner, he’s told he must pay incredible sums of money for “work” they did that wasn’t asked to be done…or needed.

Guy’s making an appointment with his dealership. Will he get reimbursed for the repairs? I can’t predict the future on that one. However, Guy thinks he won’t have any problem at all getting the man to pay. He explained why…

“The photo I took of his car insurance? Well, it was expired. It’ll be cheaper for him to pay out-of-pocket for the repairs than risk a $5,000 fine for driving without insurance. He’ll pay me.”

So, next time you’re in an accident, have your phone out, and be prepared to take some photos!


2 thoughts on “Crash, Bang, Boom!

  1. It stinks that the car was damaged, but to me the important thing is that the driver (your hubby) is OK. Cars can be replaced… The other driver seems to have got a strong message that he’d better get his act together. 😳

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