Red Lake, Red Lights

Busy weekend…working, a baby shower, Easter and moving a daughter. That equates a short blog post!

You know, I’ve been married for 36 years and I still learn new things about my hubby. I was showing Guy the work I’ve done on a puzzle of Canada. It’s a map from 1867 which makes it all the more interesting to do.

I showed Guy how I started with our city—Windsor—and then, proceeded to piece together the Great Lakes.


I pointed out Red Lake, further North West, where our nephew works in a gold mine. Well, he wasn’t working on the little puzzle piece, but you get the picture😊

Guy said, “I almost got arrested in Red Lake!”

I was dumbfounded. My hubby is a choir-boy; he stays on the proper side of the law. What on earth could he have done? And, when was he in Red Lake?

Guy went on to tell how he and his buddy Mike were returning home from an extended trip to Calgary in 1980. It was very trendy in the ‘70s and ‘80s to head out West for work…or play. Guy was driving his 1975 Ford Granada.


While driving down an incredibly large hill as they approached Red Lake, Guy remarked to Mike, “This would be a great place for a cop to hang out.”

Just then, a car pulled out from the shoulder with its red lights flashing.

Guy was doing 178 km/hour in a 110 km/hour zone!

A tall, beefy Mountie was red in the face as he screamed at Guy, “What’s with you crazy people from Ontario? I should arrest you! Teach you a lesson! Throw you in jail! What’s your big hurry?”

Guy sheepishly muttered, “I guess I was in a bit of a rush to get home.”

The Mountie stomped back to his car (he wouldn’t have caught up with Guy if he’d been on his horse, haha) to write out a ticket.

Guy was a bit remorseful…at getting caught.

The Mountie returned to the Granada and handed Guy a speeding ticket.

Guy took one glance at it and stifled a laugh, the best that he possibly could. He knew he’d get arrested by this angry Mountie if he dared laugh.

After they started back on the Trans-Canada highway at the posted speed, Mike asked, “What’s so funny about getting a ticket?”

Guy replied, “It was only for $40!”

Once back in Ontario, Guy paid the fine…late!


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