My First Camera!

After last week’s serious post, it’s time for some fun!

I came across this old photo while spring cleaning. It was from Christmas 1975, when I was 15 years old.

bestImage (7) (1)

I received a Kodak Instamatic X15 camera for Christmas. And, I was reading the manual! It’s kind of funny because I never stop to do that now. I just ask my hubby for info. It works out well for me. I have a lot of on-the-spot learning by taking photos, too.

Looking at the photo again, my hair hasn’t changed much. I’ve traded bangs for the centre part. I’ve given up the school ring on my right hand and upgraded to a wedding ring on my left hand. I still wear jeans but they’re not as faded. Sometimes they’re even pink! I lack the embroidered knee patches now, as well.

I tried to remember if this was my first camera…if this was when my love of photography began?

I dug deeper. I must have borrowed a camera before as I took photos on a trip to Nova Scotia when I was ten. Six photos remain.


Typical out-the-plane-window shots that didn’t turn out as expected. One of my Aunt Sue and my Uncle Butch, and of a church. Plus, one of me with my suitcase, ready to take my first plane ride.

I learned a bit about photography along the way once I was 15 with my new camera. I just took pictures and had fun. I tried some artsy shots. Here’s my hippie huarache sandals posing with some weeds and camomile flowers!


My favourite model was my beautiful baby sister. I took photos of her around the house…


In the backyard, with our pet budgie…


And, even convinced her to pose among the neighbour’s flowers. What a hoot!


With my sister as a model, I learned action shots, too!



Some fun pics even turned out great!!


I took my camera on a family vacation out East. These are from Peggy’s Cove.

bestImage (4).jpg

bestImage (5).jpg

bestImage (3)

Looking back, hey, I did okay for a newbie and an instamatic!

bestImage (2)

Yup, that’s my baby sister again in the last pic. What can I say, she’s photogenic and was used to being a model😊

I consider myself blessed to have a hobby that still piques my interest over 42 years later. Last summer, I remember thinking as I stepped out on rocks at Windsor’s waterfront,“If I slip and fall, will anyone find me?” Yet, that was it, a passing thought and I continued to shoot, haha!

This is from Peggy’s Cove as well. I see that I ventured out on a limb, er, rocks, even way back then, in attempts to capture the perfect photo.

Image (8)

I’ve outgrown the jeans and the camera since then, but my love of photography grows deeper all the time.

So, thanks to my parents for the best gift ever! And, to my little sister who never tired of posing for me.

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