A Man on a Mission

There’s two types of people in the world. Those who talk about problems. And, those who are prepared to solve them. People in the first group may hold elaborate meetings to discuss solutions to the problems. It’s true that with brain-storming, great solutions can be found. But, people in the second group are prepared to live their lives according to their beliefs.

John Button is in the second group. He’s a saint in my book. John’s a former addict who dreams of opening a recovery home on Drouillard Road, a rough part of town. Services for addicts aren’t as commonplace there as in other poorer parts of the city, such as downtown or the west end. It’s not reasonable to expect someone in crisis to walk miles to seek assistance!

John saw a problem, a need for a solution and is prepared to live out the solution.

His recovery home, which would help up to five people, would have zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol. Who better than a former addict to help someone in recovery? When someone is down in the trenches, the right thing to do is offer them a hand out of there.

I had opened the morning paper to find opposing articles on the opioid crisis in Windsor. See link. See link2. It was funny in a not-so-funny way. One article was about a meeting to propose solutions to the opioid crisis. The other article disclosed how John’s planned recovery home was being met with disapproval. Harsh opposition, even. I found it ironic that one man’s solution was met with such strong resistance.

Many people believe in John’s cause and offer support. But, they don’t want his recovery home in its proposed location. The building is in an area undergoing revitalization. Although there’s already a mix of residential homes and businesses, it’s thought his building won’t fit in. It looks just like a house but approval for rezoning is required for John to go forward with his dream. There’s to be a meeting on Monday night where opponents to the rezoning will voice their opinion.

I feel the lives of five people can be saved by this man who is offering support to them on their road to recovery. While it’s important to treat people at a time of an overdose using a Naloxone kit, it’s just as crucial to support them in their recovery. To help them live their lives without relying on drugs. To support them with whatever struggles they had which caused them to turn to drugs in the first place. So, they don’t fall back into the trenches.

To quote from the article…John Button says, “I’ve been blessed by the grace of God to be released from the chains of addiction and drug dealing and assaults and going to jail. I’ve been released from a $2,000-a-day habit. I’m just trying to move forward with helping people in recovery, helping people with affordable living and helping people not be a detriment to society.”

I feel the businesses should be offering to buy groceries for the recovering addicts, give them discounts at their businesses and be lauding John Button as Man of the Year for helping them. For dedicating his life to his cause.

When I contacted this idealistic man, I was even more endeared to him. John told me, “I will praise the Lord if they approve my request which I paid $4,000  to amend the zoning. And, I will praise the Lord, if they do not. We will bring recovery to Drouillard Road one way or another.”

The wonderful thing about saints is that miracles DO happen. What do YOU think will happen at the meeting? I’m rooting for John Button all the way!

4 thoughts on “A Man on a Mission

  1. I’m glad he got clean and is dedicating his life to helping others. I hope he’s successful in his goals. I’m not sure where the house is to be located, so I can’t speak to that or whether or not local businesses should be obligated to foot the bill. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Oh, I just meant that in a perfect world, the local businesses would be happy an addict was off the street and would offer help to the recovery home in the way of groceries. We know that’s not the way of the world:)


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