ADHD- Attention Deficit Housework Disorder…and Life Goals

Soooo…. we’re twenty-one days into 2018…how are your New Year’s resolutions going? Uh-huh…me, too😊 Experts say it takes twenty-one days to form a habit. Well, I say you’ve got all year to work on your New Year’s resolutions. That’s the beauty of it!

I planned on increasing the frequency of my swimming. My plan backfired when I wasn’t available for scheduled lap swimming hours several times.  Meetings, work, and family trump fitness. But, this week I was back on track. One lap at a time.

I heard something very positive for those of you resolving to get into better shape. There once was a movie star who had her shapely legs insured for a million dollars. This was unheard of back in the day. But, think about it…if someone offered you a million dollars for one of your legs, would you accept it? How about an arm? A hand? You know what? You’ve got a multi-million-dollar body, now don’t you? Think about that the next time you’re discouraged about your appearance. You wouldn’t give up your body for all the money in the world! Sure, work on those resolutions to get in shape…but still love your body meanwhile.

My resolution to live in the moment still needs work. But, I’d say I’m a work in progress. I’m doing better than before.

Another resolution was to keep my home clean and tidy. I’m making headway, but I find I get distracted easily. ADHD. Attention Deficit Housework Disorder. I may think I’m going to vacuum  the whole house. But, somehow, I end up purging my wardrobe of ill-fitting clothing. My closet looks tidier however the vacuuming got left for another day, again!

Yesterday, I started to dust and found myself distracted once more. I decided to wipe out the fridge. Now, if company dropped by, they’re not likely to inspect my fridge so that job could’ve waited. I know I check expiry dates and toss items regularly anyways…or do I? I found three small jars of jam I bought a year ago at a craft fair.


No expiry dates on them but, ummm, they were the wrong colour for hot pepper jelly, red pepper jelly and watermelon jam. Out they went!

The creamy dill mustard.




Best by Aug. 9 2016. Out! Sweet yum-yum pickles.


Best before Dec. 1 2016. What? Pickles not eaten in this house? How can that be? I was happy to see all of the salad dressings were still current.


The coke bottle labeled Santa.


Well, Santa made himself a rye and coke and left the bottle here. Out!

I made my way to the basement. I put away my Christmas décor on New Year’s Day…only on the main level! I finished wrapping each item and placed them in the big Christmas tote reserved for the basement level.


It took some time. I shook every snow globe.


And, turned the cranks on the bottom of the snow globes to hear Christmas carols one last time. I guess you could say I was enjoying each moment. Living in the moment.

I left my nutcrackers out on display.


They outnumber me and didn’t want to go in a box. And, I’m okay with that. I like them. I like my “stuff”. It’s hard to simplify…when you like all your collectibles! I was shown a photo the other day of a friend’s place. It looked straight from a magazine. Beautiful. Tidy. But,  I thought, “Where’s all your stuff? Your family photos? Your treasures?”

New Year’s resolutions. You’ve got all year to get a handle on them. Keep on trying!

Oh, my! Just spotted one more item from Christmas!




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