O Christmas Tree!

Designer Christmas trees. We’ve all seen them.  Towering trees boasting one colour of lights, adorned with bows and having every matching ornament hung at precise angles.

The trees are a beautiful sight but it’s not what you’ll find in my home.

Nope, not at all.

This year’s tree is a shortie. You see, the large potted palms positioned at the top of the driveway all summer didn’t die when fall weather set in. I brought them inside not expecting them to last but I hoped for the best. And, they’re still thriving. Which means living room space is a premium.

So, no tall tree for us this year. We usually pick a up a Frasier Fir as they tend to hold onto their needles. But, no shorter Frasier Firs were available. At least, none that fit our budget!

My husband and daughter Monique selected a tree for our place and Monique purchased one for her apartment, as well. I loved the looks of the tree but I instantly could tell we were in trouble. The needles were falling off already!

My daughter experienced the same issue with her tree. She was rather upset by the situation. Me, not so much. I told Monique, “Hey, if all the needles fall off, it’ll just be a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The lights and ornaments will still be on it. It’s all good!”

My ornaments don’t match. But, they all tell a story which endears them to me.

There’s the ornaments from 1982, our first Christmas together as a married couple. My sister, Nina gave me handmade ornaments that I cherish: little felt Christmas trees, snowmen and bells, and ornaments made from dough.




A delicate, large ornament declares “First Christmas Together- 1982” as well as “Christmas is quiet moments together and love that lasts together.”


This year I bought my daughter, Giselle a special ornament to commemorate her first year with Stephen as a married couple. The tradition continues to the next generation.

There’s “Baby’s First Christmas 1986” for Monique-


and “Baby’s First Christmas 1989” for Giselle-



Hung low are the assortment of tiny wooden ornaments my hubby surprised me with a few years ago.


I hung them on the lowest branches for my little grand-daughter to see. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to visit on Christmas, but I’ve hope for her to visit soon so I’ve left them low.

Some ornaments are from my husband’s youth: fragile ones-


Silly ones-


And a favourite made by his sister, Michelle, from an ice-cream cone, that’s lasted all this time!


Michelle’s made us more favourites through the years-



Last week, my husband bought me three new treasures for our tree. A round penguin ornament because I love penguins,


a cardinal ornament in memory of my Dad,


and a new angel for the top of the tree. She stands a bit crooked but that’s alright.


I had the angel from my childhood on our tree forever, but it was time for a new angel. I still display the vintage angel in our home.


Yes, my tree is unique. Its ornaments invoke wonderful memories. I wouldn’t trade it for a designer tree for a million dollars!

Merry Christmas, my friends!



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