Christmas Busyness…& Cookies!

Lucy has been at my iPad more than I have been lately. Writing my blog has taken a backseat to the hustle- bustle of Christmas shopping and spending time with family and friends.  Plus, it probably wasn’t a wise move to clean the keyboard with a cotton ball soaking wet with alcohol. Rubbing alcohol! Likewise, in hindsight, it wasn’t a good idea to eat a juicy clementine while typing!


Santa brought me an early Christmas gift this afternoon. A new keyboard!


I’ll hold off on the multi-task of eating and typing. Santa is a very good man…he didn’t even remind me that I’ve now killed two keyboards in this manner. He just sees the best in me, somehow.

Happy pre- Christmas hustle and bustle! Enjoy the journey, the Christmas baking and  family and friends. Whoa! How did that happen?


I just ate one of Mom’s delicious homemade shortbread cookies and…that’s the way the cookie crumbles, hahaha!

It’s okay. This is the “built-in”keyboard…Santa hasn’t hooked up my new keyboard yet. I know what to do…leave the last three cookies for Santa. I’ve heard it’s his favourite midnight snack.


As for me and messy keyboards, resolutions are for New Year’s Eve. And, Christmas cookies are for now!

Happy baking and taste-testing! Thanks for the cookies, Mom! They were perfect!





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