Their Shoes #56

Greg received his shoes from the Safety truck at his workplace. His shoes were provided by his job.

What is your biggest mental health struggle?

Depression and the antidepressant medication making me feel snowed. I’ve been playing around with the timing of my dosages so that I can think clearer during working hours. Not be so foggy at work. I need to be sharp!

What helps you cope?

My wife! Her understanding my condition…she gives me reason to live when I feel very low. My dog. She never judges me. Always listens to me and is happy to see me—her “Daddy”.

Having hobbies even though the depression keeps me from engaging in them as much as I should. Having something to look forward to on the week-end or the end of the work day helps, too. Like working on my hobbies or do something with my wife. Making a great meal together.

There’s always a better day ahead! Remember that!


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