Their Shoes #55

It’s a few days late for Mental Health Mondays but what can I say? It’s been a busy week!

Marcie bought her shoes at Mark’s Work Warehouse.

What is your biggest mental health struggle?

Consistency! It’s not easy to have consistency in habits and in keeping a job. Mental illness affects me differently from day to day. My moods aren’t always the same and with PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder), I struggle extra relative to my cycle which means it’s rough an extra seven days a month. I still have to work those days so it’s like rolling the dice to see how I function with a fluctuating mood. By supper time, my mood and tolerance starts dwindling…it’s hard to run errands, etc. So I tend to isolate myself because I can’t handle family functions or even normal activities in public places.

What helps you cope?

Hanging out on the computer. I lose myself in trying to build a business. I’m working on getting a vlog up and running. Focusing all my mind on something stabilizes my mood. Being around close family who love me unconditionally helps, as well. I spend time with my dogs to calm myself. I consider my dogs to be family!

The key is realizing situations are temporary. Most of the time when you’re on the right meds, things are manageable but when things get out of control, remember it’s only temporary.

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