Busy Mr. Bones!

It’s been a rather full week for Mr. Bones. Once he got his bony hands on the car keys, he managed to take my hubby’s sports car for a spin.

Mr. Bones Sportscar


Mr. Bones also helped himself to operating the machines in the garage. Safety first! Always wear safety glasses!

Mr. Bones Safety Glasses

Mr. Bones Garage


He decided to spruce up the place a bit, starting by painting the bathroom cabinets.

Mr. Bones Painting

Mr. Bones did some more Halloween baking…gingerdeadmen!!

Mr. Bones Gingerdeadmen

Mr. Bones Hairnet

Mr. Bones lent a hand with the dishes afterwards, too.

Mr. Bones Dishes

He dressed up for a costume party and ate healthy snacks. Gotta keep an eye on the waistline!

Mr. Bones party dip

Mr. Bones party eating healthy.jpg

And, at the end of the day, when he wanted to chill, he impersonated me.

He dressed himself in my work uniform. Mr. Bones is an anatomy expert, after all!

Mr. Bones Anatomy

Another time, when I got up to do a load of laundry, imagine my surprise when I returned…I discovered him sitting in my chair, in front of my laptop.


Mr. Bones was updating a blog post…never leave your laptop unattended!!


Happy Halloween, everyone!!


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