Their Shoes #43

Nancy’s shoes were purchased by her parents. Her previous pair fell apart and she required a new pair for a non-paying career gig. “I plan on paying them back. For now, it’s added to the nearly $10,000. debt to my parents incurred over the years from buying necessities like food, clothing and shoes. Not to… Continue reading Their Shoes #43

Enduring Love

I love to check out garage sales. It’s not just the lure of finding a treasure for next-to-nothing that’s the attraction. It’s the opportunity to find something unique that is no longer available in stores. Once I stumbled upon a garage sale where there were many poppy items and Christmas nutcrackers, both of which I… Continue reading Enduring Love

Their Shoes #42

Becky bought her shoes at the Red Apple discount store on Ouellette Avenue. What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “Two things. Two big things. Food and addictions. I drink a lot most days so my money goes towards alcohol and cigarettes. And, then, for convenience, I tend to buy take-out… Continue reading Their Shoes #42