Their Shoes #46

Steve received his shoes from a friend. Steve’s previous pair of shoes were ruined after helping a friend replace a roof.

What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis?

“Shelter! I’m new to Windsor. I “retired” from Kingston after spending 20 years there. Right now, I’m staying with my brother, sister-in-law, and their six kids. The seven-year-old is autistic, too. The others are five, four and a newborn plus two teenagers. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate them taking me in. It’s just that it’s darn crowded there. I’d love my own space.”

What would you like people to know about living in poverty?

“Not everyone is a stereotype. I’m a criminal. I took a big leap when I left prison. I didn’t take advantage of resources available to me to become stable. And, now I’m homeless.”

“Tell people to think before they react. I wish I learned that long ago. Things would’ve been different for me. The consequences are more than I bargained for…

“My fiancé is dying of emphysema. She didn’t want to be a burden to me and pushed me away. Five years ago, if she had pushed me away, I would’ve reacted. I would’ve got drunk or got high. And, then did some robberies like I’ve done in the last 32 years. But, I’m a changed person today.”

“What keeps me going are my nieces and nephews. I’ve learned to put their needs before my own. Basically, if you put others before yourself, you’ll pull through anything.”

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