Game On!

Ten words. Just ten words. It hardly seems possible for ten words to have an impact on your happiness compared to the realm of material written on the pursuit of it. Yet, they’ve had a lasting impact for me. I’ve repeated those words three times this week alone. Plus, I’ve felt empowered and at peace each time.
“What others think of me is none of my business.”
Is someone eager to tell you what a co-worker thinks of you? Has a friend or family member “let it slip” what others are saying about your home, your car, your housekeeping or fill-in-the-blank?
Well, say those ten words and the conversation pauses. That’s your chance to switch gears to a more positive slant. It’s happened to me with three different people. It worked each time. We don’t really need to know what people think of us. Mind you, when it’s positive, bring it on!
Not everyone sees your pursuit of happiness as their goal.


Perhaps, they’re well-intentioned. Just helping you with a problem. A problem you may not have realized was a problem. Or, maybe it’s a problem well-known to you! Either way, pointing it out isn’t helpful. Most of us know our faults, don’t we? If we could turn a problematic situation around ourselves, surely, we would’ve attempted to do so.
I often think of what my nephew had to say when asked how he was performing at his first job. It was at a fast-paced fast-food restaurant. He said he just thinks of it as how he prepares himself for a baseball game.

“I go in there and do my best. And, win or lose, I feel fine afterwards. I did my best!”
That’s how we should play the game of life. Just do your best! Pay no attention to those who think you should’ve done things differently. Your best may never be good enough for them.
Things may be easily viewed from the sidelines. But, unless they’ve been in your shoes, you don’t need to hear how your shoes—your baseball cleats—fit them.

It’s your game. Play it well!

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