Lessons Learned from Bricks!

Valuable life lessons were demonstrated in a garden last Monday. 1200 pounds of brick edging had been dropped off in my driveway by the Home Depot delivery truck. I was eager to start my project. I planned to replace the naughty black landscape edging that kept heaving itself out of the ground. I had grown tired of digging a trench to replace it back into the dirt. I’d often find  the edging jumped out in the night to greet me above ground the next day.
I fetched the ancient wheelbarrow from its resting place on the back of the shed.


It soon became apparent that plans to change the tire to a No-flat tire—a solid tire—had failed to take place. The tire was flat. There was no way I could use the wheelbarrow.

I had 120 bricks at 10 pounds each. 1200 pounds. No working wheelbarrow. And a beautiful summer day. Two choices: wait until my husband was home from work to repair the tire, or carry the bricks. A third option would involve borrowing a neighbour’s wheelbarrow. I didn’t dare risk breaking a borrowed item, though!
I tried to carry three bricks at a time—30 pounds—but it was too awkward balancing them and unhooking the fence gate for each trip to the backyard. You see, I had a companion: my Bichapoo Sophie.


She was obedient enough to “stay” on command if I left the gate ajar. However, if a squirrel caught her eye, she’d dash out of the yard in an instant. Her father, Jack met his death that way. Nope, I shut the gate each time and managed to carry just two bricks on each trip.
Sophie accompanied me to the gate and then to the back of the yard for about 25 trips. Then, she had enough. Dog tired!

This is what I learned along the way…
1) To get what you want in life, you can wait for circumstances to be perfect or proceed now anyways. Your choice.
2) A task that is daunting is easier to tackle when broken into small parts. Many small parts! Carrying two bricks was easier than worrying about 1200 pounds of bricks.

3) Work is easier with a companion at your side.

4) Always find humour when things don’t go as planned.

bestIMG_5606 (1).JPG
5) Life is a journey. Take time to listen to the cardinals singing and watch for butterflies along the garden path.

6) Reaching your goal may take longer than expected but take pride in your efforts in moving forward.

Yes, life is a journey. It isn’t a race to the end. The curveballs in life are like the curves in a garden path. They serve to make our journey more interesting. One brick at a time. Or two!


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