A Dad’s Words at his Daughter’s Wedding

I know that you are all anxious to get on with the night, but I am not a man of few words.
First, I wanted to tell you that Rita and I have been married just short of 35 years. And, for all but the shortest time, somewhere near the beginning, things have been wonderful and getting better every year.
I’ve learned a few things during that time and I want to share them with this young couple:
1) Be the first to apologise if you have a spat. Whether you are wrong or not. It doesn’t matter.
2) Make it a rule that the second person to apologise must buy flowers.
3) Spend time together doing things. Anything. It can be something new or something familiar. But, do things together.
4) Communicate. Always keep talking. About your dreams and your worries and everything in between. This will help keep the arguments at bay.
5) Hold hands. Make sure everyone around you knows that you are in love.
6) Always have your spouses back.
7) Laugh together.
8) Remember that with time almost anything can be worked out.
9) Buy flowers when there is no reason at all. Those flowers are the best kind.
10) Never go to bed angry.
Now let me tell you about Giselle:
I don’t have sons. So, my daughters have to fill dual roles. They have to be Daddy’s girls and also Daddy’s buddies when he goes to The Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Princess Auto. This has been Giselle’s job for the past couple of years almost exclusively. These days when I walk in to my favourite haunts, everyone asks me, “Where is your sidekick?”
I must reply, “She’s got a man now; she’s getting married”. They nod knowingly and hand me a Kleenex to wipe my tears.
As far as her new man…
When people ask what I think of him, I reply, “If I had a son, Stephen is the son I would want.”
A toast to the bride and groom: “May life bring all good things to you!”


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